RV Maintenance During The Offseason

In 2022, over 35 million people camped in an RV or a camper, making up more than half of the number of people who camped that year in America. Camping is becoming increasingly more popular, so much so that since the pandemic, camping seasons are full of bookings. Because there is such a high demand for locations for people to camp, campsites are expanding their calendars. The camping season is so hectic it is impossible to keep up with all the projects needing to be taken care of in your camper. So, what should campers do in the offseason to help prep for their busy camping trips?camper repair near me louisville

Offseason Projects – Louisville

In the colder months in Kentucky, there is plenty of downtime to give attention to projects in your camper or RV. To ensure you are ready for busy camping seasons, various projects need to be addressed in the offseason. From repairs, maintenance, and upgrades, there is a long list of potential projects which may need attention.


Keeping a record of repairs needed in your RV is a great way to ensure the repair is completed prior to your next outing. The offseason is the best time to work on some of the repairs that need fixing before you take your camper on the next outing. Some of the different repairs you might need to take care of are on the outside, such as repairing the breaks, shocks, wiring, or any bodywork. Other maintenance, such as fixing plumbing, refrigerator, or A/C repair, are more internal.


Maintenance and repairs are different. Repairs indicate something needs to be fixed, while maintenance services help prevent damage from occurring to your camper, leading to repairs being needed. It is essential to keep up with maintenance services like checking and cleaning out water tanks, ensuring window seals are in good condition, and checking your water heater. By taking care of the little things and making sure your camper or RV is in good condition regularly, you can catch minor issues before they become a bigger problem and prolong your camper’s life.


If you are considering upgrades or adding customizations to your camper, the offseason is a great time to check these off your list. Professionals such as our team are more than happy to help you upgrade or add accessories to improve the quality of your camper. If you are looking to upgrade things like your cabinet hardware, batteries, or lighting fixtures, we are ready to help do it before your next camping trip. 

Professional Work

Here at Rivertown RV, we can help with repairs your camper may need. In the off or the on season, we are here to take care of you so you can enjoy the adventures you seek while on the road. If you find yourself in need of bodywork, we recommend you contact a mechanic to service your camper. Our team of professionals can tackle all of your interior camper services. Call us today for more information.